Controlling Your Nicotine Cravings When You Give Up Smoking

When you give up smoking cigarettes, your nicotine cravings will be intense, and unless you find a way to control them, you will most likely fail when quitting cold turkey. Out of everyone who tries this method, only around 3-5% are successfully, so to give yourself the best chances of success, you will need to find a way to control your cravings. An excellent way to do this is through nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), and multiple options are available. Below are some options you can consider that will help you control your cravings for a cigarette when you quit and give you the best chances of quitting for good.

Nicotine Lozenges

You can get nicotine lozenges that look and taste similar to a hardboiled sweet, which you can use to control your cravings for a cigarette. When you feel an urge to smoke increasing in strength, put a nicotine lozenge in your mouth and start sucking it. The capillaries in your mouth will absorb the nicotine, taking the edge off your cravings within a couple of minutes. You must follow the instructions and ensure you do not exceed the recommended dose, as these nicotine lozenges can have side effects.

Nicotine Patches

Another way you can control your nicotine cravings is by using nicotine patches. The patches are available in varying nicotine strengths, and you can place them on any part of your skin. They slowly release a constant level of nicotine that your skin absorbs, so you do not get any cravings or urges to smoke. Millions of people have used them to help them quit smoking cigarettes, and each patch lasts around 24 hours, so you only use one patch daily.


One of the most popular tools millions worldwide uses to help them quit smoking is vaping devices. There are many different types of vaping devices available, including DTL and MTL devices, and there are various coils you can use, such as sub-ohm coils and plus-ohm coils. You need to use the best vape juice for the type of device you have, and you can take a drag on it whenever you feel the urge to smoke. There are many different flavours of e-liquids from which you can choose, and also many options for nicotine strength. When used correctly, it can be an excellent tool to help you quit smoking and start living your life smoke-free.

Nicotine Gum

You will see many people using nicotine gum, including those that use other NRTs, as when they struggle to cope with their cravings, they use nicotine gum in conjunction with their primary NRT. It can help take the edge off when you are experiencing a rough patch, and the gum is available in various flavours and nicotine strengths. When you crave a cigarette, start chewing some nicotine gum, and the urge to smoke will soon go away.

These are a few options available, but there are more types of NRT you can consider using to help you quit smoking. Speak to your doctor about your intention to quit, and they can go through the pros and cons of each NRT and put you in contact with the support networks available in your local area.

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